Real Life Mesmerizing

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~ Real life Mesmerizing ~

Interior design is a world on its own. The people who construct it, move in it, create it, and make the world a more beautiful place with it—they are the magicians of the real world.

But there’s also magic in other types of design as well. Like in the virtual world. Some magic that is so subtle, that it blurs the line between reality and illusion.

Have you guys ever heard the phrase, Picture Perfect?

Social media is the perfect example of a lot of things that are picture perfect. A virtual platform where online images give us an idealist sense of what a space looks like—and we want it! Why shouldn’t we?

But maybe we should pace ourselves…

Throughout my journey at Vi Design, I have learned various things. Two of which I’d love to share with you all today:

  1. Every interior has its challenges. Whether you’re only decorating its interior or demolishing and starting from scratch

Many existing spaces have structural imperfections, and that’s when professional’s help comes into place. He/she must work around those imperfections to re-design the interior of that space. And the result? A unique home; a unique interior.

  1. Not everything we see online will have the same outcome in real life for us.

Social media doesn’t say it. We don’t always know how well the materials, finishes, or items will work for our specific space. A lot of images on social media look expensive. And yes, they probably did cost a pretty penny to design. And quite often, even as expensive as they are, these spaces start to fall apart—after just a few months—, because of the wrong choice of materials.

So I have learned that design isn’t just about taking something nice and making it look nicer, which is one of the coolest things that my principal has taught me. Design can’t just be a decision based on how good it’ll look on social media. Design is about understanding what your client wants, needs, and most importantly, what the space can handle.

It’s more than designing for a picture-perfect ending. You want real life satisfaction for your client. Because let’s face it: an online image can eventually be forgotten, but your home? It should last forever.

-Dreamer on Fleek.

Jeremy Richardson